I like Korean drama which is romantic comedy.

My heart is beating when I watch them.

Characters feelings come across me storongly.

I like better it than Japanese one.

My favorite Koreans actor is Park Bo Gum.

His acting is superb. Express character’s feelings his body. Especially his eye’s acting is great.

I am always excited it!!!

Please tell me what you are excited!!

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I am always excited before, during and after doing the exercises/training!

Oh! It's very good for your health!

Are you training everyday?

What kind training do you?




That's sad.

You are right

I know.

Wait a second. I am sure, I have seen your another reply to this my reply...

It was something like "I am always right"


"I am always right."

Hmm... I like the sound of that.

But how is it possible?

I was sure, I saw it.

I am always excited about vacations!

I am excited about reading a new book. Reading is like travelling to many places, knowing incredible people. It is enriching to  understand more human nature and its complexity.   In addition we can learn new words and deep in the richness of a language. So I am excited about reading!


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