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Many of us will jump for the money answer when we are asked about

what makes us happy in life. Some might reply by saying health, good 

manners, a beautiful woman, a big house, etc... What makes you happy in life?

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I am most of the time a very serious, tense looking person. But whenever I see a child, a baby, a kid, that very single look put a smile on my face. This very moment of my life makes me feel happy.

Bahut acha Hain, Mishaikh janab! Indeed, it is very touching. Ithanks means that Mr. Mishaikh is a kind man, too. Thanks for your sincere comment on that discussion.

Mishaikh your comment is so sweet that I had to say “oooh”, holding hand on my heart.

It is right, because children are so innocent, so life confirming. A baby who has just learned to walk, and stumble a little around is also so cute, the look on their faces, they are so concentrated.

Am I going to say anything against the great blogger or the lovely Evangelina? Money and children are the decoration or the ornament of life. I agree with you both. Thanks for your comment Eva.

I appreciate Eva your feeling that way. 

Koy baat nahi , Mr. Mishaikh. You are a man to respect. Besides, children are the decoration of life. Thank you both.

I heard some advice to be happy in an article. It says
・Don't compare yourself to others. Live your own life.
・Choose things by yourself. We feel more motivated to choose things by ourselves than to do things under compulsion.
・Love people. There are studies that show that people feel happy when they love someone.
・Appreciate every day. Feeling grateful for being alive is the most important thing to being happy.

I agree with it.

Watashi mo, Tam! I agree with every word you said. It is better I become my own person. Imitation is not good, and I will tell you this. If a woman wanted to be Angelina Joli, she would never be. She can be more beautiful than her, but she cannot be that person. Thanks for those valuable tips, Tam. I really appreciate them.

Saya juga! Worship makes us pure and happy. Regarding traveling, I like it a lot and it really makes me happy. I prefer the airplane. Taking the bus or the car is a bit boring for long distances. I prefer aircrafts than being for hours in a seat without moving or stretching my legs. Kembang, is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment. 

Love people make me happy

Ya salam ya Abu Seed! kulak zoag. Nice comment. Thanks Said Almograbe. 

Hello, Dara Gino Jee!!

I can't deny this, one will not happy after getting the things which you have mentioned in your discussion and I am also one of these people. 

Apart from these, the other sources of making myself happy are internet surfing, spending time on social media, reading, writing stories and poetry, participating in workshops, talking a lot and lot. etc 


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