Are you an aspiring blogger? Do you love to write and share your thoughts through blogging? Well, you come to the right place! 

This group was created for all MyEC members who love to keep in touch with fellow bloggers by simply writing blogs.

Have you read an excellent writing?

Have you spotted a nice blogger?

Have you learned from his or her blogs?

Perhaps you have written a new blog, but your timid to ask your friends to check it out. Why not try to promote it here! Just make sure it's a worthy one. We don't want to harass or annoy our fellow members, right?

This group aims to promote equality, respect, learning, and a love for writing.

Be a responsible blogger!

MyEC has already had lots of wonderful and popular bloggers, but we're also looking for a potential blogger who can be a great contributor on MyEC in the future.

So bloggers, let's unite for a common goal!      "Let's learn English through Blogging".

By the way, don't forget to start a conversation about a blogger and his or her work. Cheers! : )

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Welcome To Bloggers!

Let this group brings harmony, unity, and intelligence as we learn English! Happy blogging! : )

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  • Kuya! This is the first time I saw this group, haha! Seems like I've missed something for the last 3 months being here.

  • Welcome to the new members here! Thank you for joining! :)

  • Hello There, This is Rajib. For improving fluency if you want to practice with me just add me . My Skype ID is : monjurajib

  • By the way, you write as if you're an advanced level learner! Keep it up, Lidia! :)

  • Hi Lidia,

    Welcome to the group! Thank you for leaving a comment here. Have you tried writing on MyEC? When you post a blog, you may use a "correction" tag so that advanced level and English teachers could give you feedback or correct your mistakes. That way, you'll discover those weak points and improve your writing.

    Happy blogging!


  • Hello everyone well I've wanted try and try to write but I don't know what are my mistakes in writing, I even write that I thought and I made the same mistakes I think so because I don't know how to correcting my writing :(

    My English Notes
    A blog about my notes in the school between others notes, I'm learning English
  • I agree. I myself couldn't write a one paragraph blog these days! It's really challenging to keep thinking while writing a blog. Some ideas just come out even when you already had a polished blog waiting to be posted. Keep writing! :)

  • OK dear, I will keep your suggestion in mind while writing next blogs :) but it seems hard to me not impossible. D. By the way, in my view, a blog should have at least four to five paragraphs so to polish academic writing. Agree?
  • Nice thought, Arif! I guess it's quite a challenge now to write short blogs especially if you're used to blogging for a long time. :) Thank you for joining this group!

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