Social Networks in class?

Hi friends!

I've experienced very nice moments in classes about Social Networks I have done with my Intermediate and Upper Intermediate here in Brazil. I started asking them to search ab


out this theme as homework. Then, the next day, I took a power point presentation to class and exploited the many kinds of SN that are used specially in our country by many people and they loved it. After, I introduced MyEC. I showed them how it works and all of them had to sign up at the same time. Now, they are connecting to people from all over the world and having great moments on this website.

I'm feeling that this can help them to comunicate with other people and they will have more independence to talk in English to native and other speakers of the language.

If you have the opportunity to use this idea, do this. It has been great both for them and for me! I'm here to help you and share how I did.

And please, welcome my sts. They will love it!


Best wishes!



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  • Hi Joyce,
    This is a very intelligent idea they will definately learn a lot from other students and teachers and gradually they will be able to know where they are wrong and take corrections without being embarraed as they won't be faced with the other party.Brilliant. anyone who contacts me will be welcomed warmly and i will give them all the help i can.
  • dear joyce
    thankyou for sharing the idea of social net work

    hope to implement at class too.

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