Next week, I will take part in a public speaking contest. The most things that I am afraid of is my nervous that always overshadows my presentation/speech. Can you give me some advice how to overcome my nervous during my speech?

There is also an impromptu speaking contest that more difficult because I have to speak spontaneously about unknown topics.

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  • You're welcome Burn!! :)

  •  Sometimes I imagined that the audience naked, but it's not work, still far to make it my last nervous. Thanks Lica for your advice.

  • Hi Burn!!! Very hard to answer this question. What I'm going to write here are just guesses. I think you have to know a lot about what you're going to say, because this way you don't have any problems forgetting information. When I have a presentation I don't memorize anything, but I study a lot the topic I have to speak about. When I'm nervous I always forget things, so drink some chamomile tea . I try to focus on the situation and think that I have to face the situation anyway, so I have to do my best and if something goes wrong, that's ok, we make mistakes. I think when I think these things I feel less pressure.

    Good luck in your speaking contest!!

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