Talking about science is a good way to gather peoples of different minds to build a nice world. Here we can share scientific lessons, facts and news from different fields such as math, physics, engineering, medicine and so on...
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We know very little, and yet it is astonishing that we know so much, and still more astonishing that so little knowledge can give us so much power. Bertrand Russell


please enrich the group by your scientific discussions and include source of the material you present in order to let others rely on what you say and also let them know about sources in which they can find more info....

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    I am really busy with my studies recently. This semester is really important to me. Please pray to God to give me extra power to be able to handle the situation very well and to be a hardworking successful student.



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  • It seems an interesting group ..
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  • Ricado yu can't say its inactive , its just slow maybe because most of us are busy.Anyway we'll try our best this time o.k?
  • hi all friends i graduated from faculty of science microbiology department and chemistry and i study petrochemicals now ,so iwill be glad to talk to any about science and change our information ,any one are welcome to talk
  • No problem. I will try to start some discussions soon.

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The body is the hero

Hello guys,   I was chatting earlier today and someone told me that science must be considered the hero of our time mainly when it comes to our immune system. Thenceforth, I decided to post exactly what I have learned from the past few days and I hope this will help you to understand more about our body .  With a circulatory system such as we have, we cartainly need protection. And it is there, a group of chemical protectors and microbial killers so quick and so powerful that, in spite of our…

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Geometry (I)

Imagine that we have 2 parallel lines and there are 5 points on each line.How many triangles can we make by them?  1-      1002-      2003-      1504-      300

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