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The body is the hero

Hello guys,

   I was chatting earlier today and someone told me that science must be considered the hero of our time mainly when it comes to our immune system. Thenceforth, I decided to post exactly what I have learned from the past few days and I hop

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Geometry (I)

Imagine that we have 2 parallel lines and there are 5 points on each line.

How many triangles can we make by them?



1-      100

2-      200

3-      150

4-      300

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Let's study "Mathematics" with each other! (6)




f(x)=  x  , for x≤1       &      x^2  ,for  x>1



What is the inverse of f(x)?


1-    x  , for x≤1       &      √x  ,for  x>1

2-    -x  , for x≤1       &      -√x  ,for  x>1

3-    1/x  , for x≤1       &      1/x^2  ,for  x>1

4-    -1/x  , for x≤

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Let's study "Mathematics" with each other! (7)


sin-1 x + cos-1 x=?


1-    π/4

2-    π

3-    π/2



     *******       *******       *******       *******       *******




-π/2 < Ө < π/2

Sinhx= tgӨ






1-    cos Ө

2-    csc Ө

3-    sec Ө

4-    sin Ө


     *******       *******       ***

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Let's study "Mathematics" with each other! (2)

1-If we have:


[x] ≤ (x/2)


Then which one is right?


1-      {x: x>1}

2-      {x: x<1}

3-      {x: -1<x<1}

4-      {x: -2<x<0}


       *******       *******       *******       *******       *******


2-Which one is odd?


1-      Ln {x+(1+x2)}

2-      e^sinx


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Let's study "Mathematics" with each other!

Hi dear friends!

How are you?

Are you interested in "Math"?!


Let's study it together!


Please answer these questions:


1-      If  we have:


1< (2|x|-1)/|x|+1 < 2



Which one is right?


1)      x > 1/2

2)      -2 < x < 2

3)      x < -(1/3) or x > (1/3)


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Let's study "Mathematics" with each other! (4)


1-      If we have:


f(x)= x^2+2x



Then, how many answers can (gof)(x)=(fog)(x) have?

1-      1

2-      2

3-      3

4-      6


       *******       *******       *******       *******       *******



2-      If we have:




Then, what is

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6s all around !

Hi you who is interested in mathematics ! I do love it ...So welcome to this session !Stop by to take a look at the lines below to see if you're a talented mathematician !

picture taken from hereDo not get desperate if you couldn't solve the mystery b

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Stay away from aliens??

There has been an interesting debate about our quest for extraterrestrial life forms, since Stephen Hawking, a renowned theoretical physicist, said that if we encounter aliens, they could be more interested in exploiting our natural resources than sh

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Hi everyone is some info about the stages we go through during a sleep period...hope you to enjoy it...some facts about sleeping... Complex changes take place in the brain during sleep. It is far from a simple reduction in body process activi

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the Twin Towers

September 11, 2009 passed 8 anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. Its construction began in 1966, and the official opening took place 7 years later. In 2001, the Twin Towers, the main buildings of the complex were destroyed in a terror

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Pigeon Wings Sound the Alarm

When birds make noise, it's not always with their throats. In hummingbirds and manikins, for example, special feathers flutter and vibrate to produce tones and whistles, which impress potential mates and scare off competitors. Now researchers have fo

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