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No Spam on MyEC

Spammers don't stand a chance on MyEC

Did you know that some of our MyEC members report spammers almost every day? Their hard work keeps your club clean! Our members are all over the world. They work as a team to keep our club clean 24/7.

You can help out by joining this club. Report any member that is spamming the club. Spammers use walls and inboxes to spread their useless stuff. They often include links and email addresses. Don't get fooled by a spammer.


What is spam?

Spam is like online junk mail. You didn't ask for it and you have no need for it! It is unrelated to this club. The person who sends or posts it has not joined our club for the purposes of learning or teaching English in a community. It often contains a link or an email address. Don't click on the link and don't respond by email. 


How can I prevent spam?

  • Report the member by including the URL of the member's page

Top SpamBusters can spot spammers very easily. They often place a warning on the spammer's wall. This helps prevent victims (often new members) from falling for scams. 


NEW- Don't Create Broken Links

Please do not link to spammers' pages on MyEC. This creates broken links that search engines do not like. Read more here. 

Beware of the ASSA

MyEC has a built-in Anti-Spam System Alert. This is a feature that we can't turn on or off. If you leave identical comments on people's walls or on group walls over and over in a very short period of time, you could get locked out. Take time to read or watch something before you "like" it. 


Here are a few of MyEC's Top SpamBusters:







Thank you so much for helping us prevent spam on MyEC! 


Here are some related pages: 

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Let's Stop Spam Today

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  • Good day!

    There's a new spammer roaming around. She's messaging every member of the club. But her profile page is in private.


  • Spammer       : Hanifa

    Report Date   : June 18, 2015

    Type of Spam: She is busy posting this message (see pic) on
                            our members' walls.  
    Note               : This  person  has  created  two accounts with
                             the same name.  She is using a photo of two 

                             red roses as her profile picture!


  • Spammer       : Anita Williams

    Report Date   : June 1, 2015

    Type of Spam: She is looking for many partners! That's how
                            the message that she posted on many of our
                            Club Members' walls seems. (see screenshot)

  • Spammer       : ahmedshamoun

    Report Date   : May 25, 2015

    Type of Spam: He ,or the company that he promotes, makes all
                            sorts of fake documents, including currency
                            Please refer to the screenshot below:


    Spammer       : Andy Simlar

    Report Date   : February 12, 2015

    Type of Spam: He is posting tirelessly numerous links to sites
                            that  have  nothing to do with improving one's 
                            command of English.
  • @Nadira, 

    No, it's not good to give a link to her page. Gabriel does it the right way. Sharing a link will create a broken link because she will soon be banned. We are trying to remove broken links from MyEC. Broken links are bad for our site. 

    Everyone please see our new group: Broken Links Group. We could use your help.



  • Hi
    I want to report a member who advertise for a website,selling shoes and other stuff.Her name is:englishclub9,and she has posted three blogs so far.
  • Spammer       : skokila

    Report Date   : December 26, 2014

    Type of Spam: She is posting links to several sites that
                            promote  their   "Quick  Money  Making
  • would  it not be better too  to give  the link to her page?

  • Hi, Admin!

    I reported the activity of this spammer yesterday. But I see that she has not been banned yet. It seems you've overlooked my report!



This reply was deleted.

Broken Links - Please Read

Hi everyone! Thank you for all of your hard work here. Your reports are so helpful! Spammers don't stand a chance on MyEC. We have one small problem that we need your help with. On MyEC, spammers' pages are deleted every time you report them. Any links to these profile pages don't work after the spammers are banned. For example, your comments in this group with links to the spammer pages don't work anymore after the spammer is gone. These are called BROKEN LINKS. Search engines (eg Google)…

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The Jersey Bloggers

Please keep watch for the Jersey bloggers! They are tricky. They usually post blog posts about sports related topics. Most of the writing is nonsense if you read it closely. They include links to their products. These are spammers. Please report them as soon as you see them. Let's take them down! Thanks for your help. 

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Where did the word spam come from?

When email and forums became popular, people began to use the word "spam" to refer to unwanted online communication. The word was inspired by a Monty Python sketch about Spam. The sketch is available on YouTube, but will likely be removed if it has been posted illegally. It's pretty funny! We have the Best of Monty Python collection. It is a family favourite.

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