Southeast Spanish sunset. I don't mind washing the dishes when coming here.

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Comment by Estanis on Saturday

@Rosemary    I believe I've read from you enough to know that you'll agree with this...  every place is beautiful for us whenever we've peace of mind and content with ourselves.

@Iris     I can watch the sunrise and the sunset from the house in two different seas, that's cool :)

@Elen   Do your best to stay whenever you more like :)  ohh.. never told you before but your pic recalls me to a dog my parents had when I was a kid, 'Paulova' 

@Roman    O.k. but what are the dishwasher machines made for?  No need for excuses to get into your neighbor house and have a gin tonic while watching the sunset. Sorry I meant a coke.

@Janet    I've attended the sunsets in Costa Rica, the environment and background was amazing and unforgettable to me. Thank you for your comment :)

Comment by Janeth on Friday

Nice shot!  I think it is easier to wash the dishes with a view like that one.  It is a breathtaking landscape: the shapes of the clouds, the color of the sky and the stunning brightness of the sun. It is worth seeing it!

Comment by Roman on Friday

Okay, Estanis!

But if I were your neighbor, I would often ask you for permission to wash my dishes in your kitchen :)

Comment by Elen on Friday

Estanis, I just moved to such place and it's temporary, for now. But I hope to stay :)

Comment by Iris Nguyen on Friday

oh, your house is near the sea. you can watch the sunset and sunrise at the beach. 

Comment by Rosemary :) on Friday

 Estanis ur words reminds me of a conversation  that took place between  me and my sister years ago  she said " everything  in earth is beautiful  , even the barren desert " 

Comment by Estanis on Friday

Helen I just spend here less than a month along the year. I feel lucky anyway, and so you are also living in such place  :)

Comment by Estanis on Friday

Thank you Rosemary,  all lands have their own beauty. 

Comment by Estanis on Friday

You're welcome too Tam.  Just let me know for making my wellcome banner at he the airport. ;)

Comment by Estanis on Friday

Lol Roman .. calm down and don't worry , my guests don't have to wash anything  (so far )

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