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Hello and thank you

I have just joined this club and met so many freindly people. Thank you to all my new freinds and those I am yet to meet.
I am going on a trip tommorow with my family, I live in the North of England and I'm driving down below London, it is a long drive, but we are going to visit freinds so I am looking forward to it very much.


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Thursday...lots to do.

Do you ever feel like you have lots of things to do, but in reality you only have about 4 or 5 things?

I feel like that right now. I need to go to my doctor’s appointment, buy a train ticket and work on my new book. So really that is not a lot of stuff to do, but it feels like a lot.

The last thing I mentioned is the most exciting...my first book. I have wanted to create my own materials and books ever since I started my website, and I have finally started writing. I don't… Continue

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Preciuos Friend

"You are truly a precious gift who gives others all that you are and whenever someone needs a lift you are never far.words can't express your value to me. You' re the most kind and caring person.I've ever met.

For without you, I don't know where i'd be.

You'd give your life for others, i bet.I don't know how to thank you for being so special.But i still wanted you to know how i feel.

You 're far more preciuos than the most expensive jewel.

As far as friends go, you' re… Continue

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I Miss Her So Much

((This is the photo of Caspian Sea))

Six years ago, I went to the place for a summer vacation near Caspian Sea. My cousin and I were walking along the seashore. It was a breezy day and that made us to act like a crazy person. My cousin abruptly said: “Do you want to run and to shout loudly? In this way, we can experience freedom.” I agreed her and so, we ran and shouted loudly; Heyyyyy…Hoooyyyy…yooooohaaaa haaaa….. No one could hear our… Continue

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Writing Challenge #6-Read the Complete Letters

Here are the two letters we wrote together in April for Writing Challenge#6. Great work with transitional phrases everyone! See how well the letters flow?


Dear Grandma,

I have been very busy this month; nevertheless, I haven't forgotten about you. In fact, I have something important to tell you.You keep always saying that you long to see my wedding. Therefore , recently I have found my Mr.right.

consequetly,I'm no longer lonesome,and i'm excited to the… Continue

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The Pangu legend

In the beginning there was nothing in the universe except a formless chaos. However this chaos coalesced into a cosmic egg for about 18,000 years. Within it, the perfectly opposed principles of Yin and Yang became balanced and Pangu emerged (or woke up) from the egg. Pangu is usually depicted as a primitive, hairy giant with horns on his head and clad in furs. Pangu set about the task of creating the world: he separated Yin from Yang with a swing of his giant axe, creating the Earth (murky Yin)… Continue

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My "Word Up" Prize Has Arrived!!

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to stop talking about my back and change the subject. Don’t worry. I am getting better, but I would like to focus on the positive and start posting more interesting things here.

I am happy to announce that I received my prize yesterday in the mail!! My "Word Up" teaching pack. I was really excited when I picked up my brown package from the post office. All the way from Thailand! I went straight home and opened it! (I even took pictures,… Continue

Added by English-Coach on April 29, 2009 at 9:00 — 1 Comment

Stories From Morocco Script

To watch the film, go to www.englishclub.com and follow the links!

Script - Stories From Morocco

Drafted by Nucha, Thailand

Over 2 billion people will soon be learning English around the world

Source: British Council

The Learning English Video Project

A 7-part series exploring aspects of English learning around the world by….

∙ visiting school and language institutes

∙ asking learners about their experiences, goals,… Continue

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Last Minute better?

Did you agree with me if I say The last minute is better? I will say it....."YES". Last minute is a very2 short time to do unlimited something. Like as study! As a student the last minute is importance to recall all subject that we learn. As usually some people say The Last Minute Student is Dump. Because he/she did not use the time before to learn and study. I hate if someone say like it! Not all people can catchup immediately. Because we are totally different. Maybe most of people like to… Continue

Added by Sayyidi on April 29, 2009 at 2:54 — 2 Comments

My new Blog

Today I have a blog in this website,it's a wonderful place for people who want to practice english like me and here we also can get lots of friends all over the world.That's great.Today I get two new friends here.I hope i can make more friends and know more different culture here while improving English.

Welcom my cyber home,everybody

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Is he my right men ?

Many people told me that maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong peolple before meeting the right person,so we would know how to be grateful for the life.

However,I don’t think God do justice to me,I melt a boy went I was forteen.And wherever he went ,he could catch all the people’s attention,of course I was in one of them.Compared with him,I was so puny.Now I am nineteen,during the five years,I have always standed behind him no matter what was happened,but he couldn’t see me once.Shall I… Continue

Added by jimmy on April 28, 2009 at 15:31 — 3 Comments

Have a nice day!

This is the first time i take part in this club.This is a chance for me to improve my english as well as my knowledge more and more.I'm glad to get aquainted with everyone.I also hope i will be more relax when i access this website.That is great.A day is also going to end.I know that there are also many difficulties in the future which is waiting me ...The way is also long...I remind myself that please be more strong ..sure that..By all the youth's… Continue

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I'm sick , tired...

Few days nearby, unusual weather, i feel tired, my throat pain , i cough much, snivel. maybe I have a cold. this morning, I don't want up, lie up on bed to 8h to wake up. I have to manually cooking porridge for me ,very surprised , then eat i feel more health , mybody started sweating a lot. Thank God. I smile , then I take the medicine, hear some music that I love, and then down the house cleaning things make my eyes itch. I feel satisfied with what you have done, I Reward yourself with a… Continue

Added by Pham Kim Ngan on April 28, 2009 at 7:53 — 3 Comments

Don't Forget My Lyrics

Hai everyone,

I have one suggestion to you all how to getting more and more vocabulary. Lyrics is a list of amazing word that use by a singer to song it. It made by professional writer, because it not easy to made. It need a high level knowledge and skill in literature. So i have some lyrics with the background music. Try it. Truly it really fun and enjoyable.

This lyric is taken from anime "Full Metal Alchermistry"

Tittle : Brother

Original / Romaji… Continue

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Please color your life!

What Your color? My color is Brown! And u? Every people have their own color "I guess". Color is very meaningful to people because it give meaning who we are and what character we are! That brown is for sad people? No of coarsely not. Because I'm a happy go lucky person, but still has sadness filling in me. Not kidding! that true! (laugh) How about you what your favorite color and that it have relation with you? Please share with all people around the world by comment this Blog, and we will… Continue

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Do you Love Me?

Love is something miracle..That True? Yes it is. Love is make to show a caring fell with ourselves, another peoples, animal, thing and all lovely thing that we care it. So how to make it! It simple just share it with your heart because it will translate it to real condition. Don't afraid to show it, and don't to keep it deep in your life. Push it out! Somebody need it.

Can we accept somebody love?

It up to you...If u love he/she..Than what you waiting for, hug it… Continue

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Did You Belive Song can Made your English Grammar Better? Try It!

Music Truly made you happy, but please take the advance from it, remember all your favorite lyric. Because it make your grammar perfectly and at the same time your vocabulary is added.

Thank You - This is my Favorite song n Singer..hehe



Added by Sayyidi on April 27, 2009 at 10:00 — 9 Comments

Learn English With Cartoon..

Oh it so fun if u learn English by watching most popular cartoon, it made your vocabulary added. Try it :…


Added by Sayyidi on April 26, 2009 at 15:00 — 9 Comments

hamza robertson (Morning prayer)


Added by salma on April 26, 2009 at 3:30 — 1 Comment

How is Mayflower having fun :)


That was just Great!

I was walking home with my mum..and I saw one very nice..what..fantastic orange Enduro motorbike..I was looking on it like "aah" and my mum said something like "Go on.."..

She shouldn´t say that..

I stopped.

And said: "Hey, could you..?"

I really don´t know how could I do it, but it was so quick...He gave me a helmet, said that I should button up myself and we..

were flying.

It was… Continue

Added by Martina (mayflower :)) on April 25, 2009 at 19:23 — 1 Comment

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