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5 Most Useful Websites Every Student Should Know

We live in a society, where new technologies have made a big step ahead. The Internet offers us a great number of different abilities we can do thanks to it. It is not a surprise, that you can buy clothes through the Internet, order any assignment work and even study online. A lot of young people like to surf the Net all the time. Sometimes they just kill their time doing it, sometimes they are looking for some useful information and instructions they need. So, if you are a student, you should read this article.
Let me introduce you 5 most useful websites every student should know!

The first one is SelfControl. This website is very useful for all students. You know, there are a lot social networks, where you can find and make new friends, chat online with them all the time, post new photos, and have your own blog. Among them Facebook, Twitter, Viber, MySpace and so on. They are very drawing, don’t they? And while you are studying, nothing should interrupt you. One sound, one message, one new post or a photo and you forget about your math test, essay and dissertation; your attention is on that social network. SelfControl will help you to deal with this problem. How it works? This useful website just blocks all sites you choose. And it is on your benefit.

The second one is Sworkit. Have you ever heard a proverb, “A sound mind is in a sound body”? So, if you want to be good in studying, do not forget about doing some sports. There is no doubt, that sport reveals our characters, it makes us strong, self-confident and patient people. So, such website as Sworkit will remind you to do your morning exercises, go jogging. It will not let you miss your training at the gym. A good friend!

The next useful website is Are you not confident in your essay writing skills? Do you need some help and support with your paper? The solution is here! Click over here to solve all these difficulties. It is a writing essay service, which provides all its customers with the best essays of a high quality. Its smart professional writers are waiting for more and more orders. You can have your done paper there and get the highest grade for it.

One more website is Half. Everyone needs money to provide their lives. So, when you feel a lack of money, visit this website. How can it help you? Here you can sell everything you do not need, from clothes to book. Also, you can find something useful for you as well.

And the last one is Audible. There is no doubt, that books are our treasure. But, if you are a student, you clearly understand that it is impossible to read a great list of needed literature for your university studies. If it seems to you that this list is endless, visit Audible. This website will provide you with all texts, poems and novels in an audio form. Listening is easier and more pleasant that reading sometimes. In addition to it, after a long hard day at the university, you will give your eyes a break.

About the author: Lisa Joey is a manager in a service, which provides students with courses of different subjects. Lisa is very young, but experienced at the same time. She is a participant of different organizations, conferences. She also writes her own poems, novels and articles about education. Lisa is going to publish her own book in the future. 

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Comment by Mohiuddin Abdul Kader on January 30, 2016 at 4:00

Great post. I think every student should follow this tips.

Comment by Molly on January 30, 2016 at 3:13
its very informative and useful blog. Thanks for sharing.
Comment by Jorge Ponce on January 29, 2016 at 16:02

Thanks for the information :)

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