A Coursework Review on Linguistic Essays

Most tutors, at the start of the program, get to introduce the objective of this and that. Yet, at the middle of the semester, that imparted knowledge slowly dissolves, become forgotten, or lost. Perhaps, all students would need is a bit of review.

And here’s an example of a coursework review:

Writing what you speak – is this what linguistic essays is about?

Yes and its more than that. As an evaluative tool, it is students’ duty to pour whatever they learned in the piece. It is the only tangible proof that they are actually progressing; hence, students need to add something new in everything written and submitted piece.

But to get a deeper implication, below are points to consider:

  • Linguistic essays are about exhibiting the depth of understanding for a recent lesson. How do you define the introduced concept? Is it related and relevant to that of the established definition? These are just few of the questions tackled when exploring the students’ depth of understanding. At this rate, it would also be useful to set analogies and samples to aid students’ elaboration.

  • It’s also about having to express the difficulties encountered. Whether you are having a tough time writing it, or manifesting it in the piece with insufficient substantiation – the piece is facilitating the discovery of your weak spot. Perhaps, it will suggest of you to take extra hours studying and catching up. Or, it may lead you to your tutor’s mercy.

  • Linguistic essays are about bringing fresh ideas. Students, in their attempt to make the piece original, will inevitably come introducing something new. For instance, it could be a potential area for the concept’s application.

And at various intervals, this coursework is likely to become any other coursework. Mix it up with a lot of research and your getting research essays. But what distinctly make this coursework are the topics and the approach by which these topics are being explored. It is by all means a fitting activity to meet the required benchmarks while summoning students’ creative ability to think and write each and every concept.

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Comment by Mary Goldwin on January 8, 2015 at 7:07

Hi ColdZero, thanks for visiting my blog. I just noticed your comment. Almost half of a year. ;)

Comment by ColdZero on June 1, 2013 at 10:34

Thank you very much.

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