I never write blogs because I am not a good writer. ( So, please, forgive me for my mistakes). But I would like to say a few words about MyEnglishclub.
  Actually, I have been here for five years and seen a lot. Many people come to MyEC for learning. Most of them try to make friends around the world and share any information. Some of people use this site for dating ( despite they signed the agreement not to do that.) And some of members come here just to pass the time.
  Indeed, English club gave a lot to me as well: love, friendship, English skills.
I met many good people here, learned from great teachers and enjoyed the time. Sometimes I feel we are like a big family in our club.
  Thank you so much, dear Josef Essberger, for creating MyEnglishclub and thank you so much, dear moderators, for caring of this site and making it peaceful and safe.

  P.S. I have never met a better site for English learning than this one.

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Comment by Svitlana yesterday

You are welcome, dear Josef Essberger.
In spite of our fighting sometimes we all love MyEnglishclub.
I hope that our club will stay in peace for a very long time.

Comment by Josef Essberger yesterday

Thank you for your appreciation, Svitlana :) We all owe the mods a debt of gratitude.

Comment by Svitlana on Thursday

Thank you, dear ☪Ⱬẕⓘ₦Ⱥ, for your comment.

I hope you have a lot of friends here who are your soulmates. Wish you good luck in your English learning and making new good friends.

Comment by ☪Ⱬẕⓘ₦Ⱥ☪ on Thursday
Peace Svitlana
Exactly I am feeling myself in a big family , then I am still making friend & meeting ppl
dear Svitlana keep u writhing for Club
Comment by Svitlana on Wednesday

Dear Estanis,
I want to make a confession. In my life I am a good reader but not a good writer.
Actually, I am not talkative. I prefer to listen to people especially wise ones.
Haha. Maybe we both are strange ducks in our family due to our several blogs but I hope our family will forgive us for that.
Thank you for your lovely comment. Good luck with your new blogs!

Comment by Estanis on Wednesday

Hi Svitlana,

Nothing more to add to this your dedicatory blog. Same thoughs as yours :)

Ohh.. so you have even less blogs than me? Haha.. then we're the strange ducks of the family lol... but I think you shouldn't since you've done it perfectly.

Thank you for your grateful words.

Comment by Svitlana on Wednesday

True, dear dona D. 

When I came here I could just write HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? and a few sentences more. 

During these five years, I have been improving my English skills step by step. 

Thank you for your comment, dear. 

Comment by dona D on Wednesday

Every your single word about English club is true, Svitlana. EC gives us friendship, love, skills, info, materials etc... we all r here on a single purpose: to improve our English speaking/teaching skills.

Comment by Svitlana on Wednesday

Thank you so much, dear badr, for your nice words. )))

Comment by badr on Wednesday

it is quite nice to read your blog about myEC .

 I am indeed very glad to be one of your friends

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