Today, we live in a modern era where we can find new technologies are always being updated each day. For an instance, a brand of smartphone that always presents the latest innovations of its features. It helps people with super complex necessity to fulfill the demands of their works. But I do realize that when something hit massively, it will take some effects to an existence.

Let me talk about the situation in my country! I try to describe what is happening here lately :)

As you know, my country is a developing country that is still conducting infrastructure development to reach some goals. One of the main problems here is the inequality population which causes metropolitan cities to become densely populated. Thus, it makes another problem; traffic jam. Traffic jam always occur almost everyday particularly in the morning at 06.00-09.00 AM and in the evening at 04.00-07.00 PM due to people's activities to go and back from their office/schools. Traffic jam can lead people to become stress because it wastes much time on the road and it can be a trigger to a non optimal performance. What is the cause of traffic jam? Yup, people who prefer riding their own vehicles to using the public transportation. So it creates a large number of vehicles while the road width is insufficient. ((To be honest, if I tell everything here it will be complex)).

Next chapter!

Then comes the start up of online transportation in order to facilitate people. It similar to Uber in some countries (Uber is also available here as well, but this month its shares have been purchased). They become popular in these 3 years lately. Here I want to focus on the most popular start up here because I'm the one of the customer lol. Firstly, it just offered a bike/car ride, but nowadays it has around 15 service features that can be ordered by online. You can order food, send documents/goods, order special beauty services like massage, glam, order medicine, tickets, pay your bills, purchase the balance online, and so on. It is so simply practice that helps us who are busy with our works and prefer to use all of these services by ordering online. Yes, this start up also cooperate with the other companies and create some links as it can be drawn as a spider web because I don't understand how it works! So complicated. Technology really help our works become easier as same as it harm people in the same time. 

Why so??

I do my observation to myself and others which end up with the results that people are becoming lazy. Yeah, lazy. L-a-z-y. If they want only to buy 1-2 goods/food they just need to check their mobile and choose what they want to buy and click "order". Then they have to wait for several minutes until their package delivered to their place. It actually doesn't a matter if they are busy and don't have enough time. But... some of them do that in their spare time ;) As it become a new habitual, it could lead into a health problem next in the future if they keep doing it gradually. My experience for almost 3 years become a loyal customer of its online application is.... I become lazy to walk! It is so simple because I just need to sit down nicely and wait for the driver to pick me up and drive me to the place I want. When I am in the building, I prefer using elevator/hoist to the upper floor. What is the effect I get now? Well, I am easily tired when walking or jogging. I can feel my heart beats quite fast than the normal in the rest time. But no worries, I myself am trying to do exercise even though just once per week! 

My conclusion is we should be balance in practicing modern life style and healthy life style to reduce the health risk problem. The health problem is the manifestation for a long term, so the effect will not be seen just in a month, 2 months, etc. SO, KEEP EXERCISING!!

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Comment by Diah on April 16, 2018 at 0:42

Yeah Zzina, just use the technology wisely or something bad happen in the future... My bad, that I'm also try to keep exercising even just once per week. My life is just depend on internet, so poor... I wish I could back to 6 years ago when I was really fine with or without internet. 

Thanks for your great opinion here, Miss Zzina ;)

Comment by Diah on April 15, 2018 at 1:32

Mishaikh, yes it can weaken our IQ if we just depend on technology. We should take the benefit from that to increase our analysis. Thanks for your nice comment!

Comment by Mishaikh on April 13, 2018 at 14:08

Very well written.  Very informative.  @Diah

One thing I would like to add here. This advanced technology surly mikis us lazy, but at the same time it is making us dumb, means it is inversely affecting our IQ.  For example, the 'auto-spell-check' will never let me make a spelling-bee.

Once my sister went shopping in London.  The the calculating machine at the checkout counter was not working.  My sister made the payment and waiting for the exchange money, but the attendant was looking pretty much confused what amount she would return.  My sister prompted her the amount to return making brain calculation.  The attendant was shocked seeking how could my sister did this, and she did not believe my sister, went to the other counter and calculated on the other machine, and got even more shocked that the machine told the exact amount my sister asked her to pay back.

See how this advanced technology affecting our IQ. 

Comment by Diah on April 13, 2018 at 1:44

Oh my God Estanis shame on you lmao xD I ever do that too with my friends when it was raining. Yes, exercise now is a MUST! You never know when the cells in your body get in trouble. Anyway, thanks for your participation! :D

Comment by Diah on April 13, 2018 at 1:42

sir Dara! We just want to always take something easy in our life. Thanks Sir Dara for the comment 

Comment by Diah on April 13, 2018 at 1:40

Mr. Pepe you sound like my professor criticizes my writing hahha. But THANKS MR. PEPE for reading it!

Comment by Diah on April 13, 2018 at 1:39


Are you serious?? I have never heard about it yet before.... but I think it is better than just hiding ourselves behind the bed cover lol. xD 

Comment by Diah on April 13, 2018 at 1:37

Yes White Knight  i agree with you, however nature give us balance. Thanks for dropping by your comment here xD

Comment by Estanis on April 12, 2018 at 13:40

Arghhh... traffic jams! yes, and that's the reason why I prefer small towns or dormitory towns and use the metropolis just for having fun; football matches, theatre or any craving for a weekend.

As you say, we take a risk to become l-a-z-y because of this new facilities regardless of where we live. I've even ordered a food package from a restaurant 200 metres distance from my house. Yeah, shame on me. But to try to balance it we should find any activity that motivates us.

Nice blog Diah. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Roman on April 11, 2018 at 21:05

Hi Diah!

Thank you for worrying about our health! :)

You are right, it is so easy to order everything!

But I like to do many things by my own hands.

And I never miss the opportunity to run. Even if it is just a usual day and I am walking on the street. I just like it! :)

Thank you! And keep exercising too! :D

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