It was dark late night, an open window invited inside the specious bedroom cold fresh air, which was giving her little bit of energy. She was tired, nevertheless her tiredness wasn't anything annoying, but sweet mixed feeling of being exhausted, sleepy and happy in one. In fact she was eagerly waiting for the only one - to disappear somewhere, no matter where. She closed her eyes without slight idea, which game will her mind choose to play tonight. She felt her soul was nearly free and that was the first signal, that was the starter of it all. She was leaving resignedly and peacefully the reality, meanwhile her whole room started turninng into the shape of the blue slowly rotating ellipsoide. Almost everything disappeared, including her wardrobe, lamp, mirror, window. She found herself in the middle of this all, laying on her cosy, white bed. Her problems started to disappear, her worries died, everything was releasing out of her brain into the blue rotating space. She saw firstly just some randomly written words in the air but later she realized these are sentences, sentences that make sense because these were her own sentences. She was reading parts of her sad monologues, disappointing conversations, misunderstood phrases she repeated over and over again to make them understandable. All these words composed to the sentences were there freely dancing in the air, avoiding each other, as if they played some secret game without the rules. She felt relaxed, her negative thoughts were out of her mind flying somewhere in the air and after a long time she had a smile on her face. She caught herself being happy, in fact happiness flooded her body and exactly at the same time the bright light illuminated the whole rotating ellipsoide. She couldn't see anything, she could only absorb the beauty of careless moment, when nothing was bothering nor occupying her mind. Yes, she was fully enjoying it and wanted to stay at this state of mind forever or... at least as long as it was possible, until it all starts slowly fading away…

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Comment by Elen on February 2, 2016 at 17:52

Hmm, first it reminded me, myself, who often lay in bed and leave my imagination free, and even i have open eyes and i look the ceiling, my imagination is so much real that i don't see ceiling and i only see what i imagine! :D Then it reminded me something from Alice and wonderland. It gave me a nice feeling anyway. :) Nice story with a not sure end :)

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