Is " Time "  the same for all the people? 

    Does it have the same meaning for you or for one who is suffering from serious cancer where there is no hope to live more than two weeks? 

    Is it the same for a little baby or for a very old man or lady?

    Is it going one with the same speed when we are full of joy or full of sorrow?

    I am sure most of us have thought that the feeling of the time can't be the same for all the people, situations and ...

    So it can be related to some different factors. Maybe some of us have tried to think of the nature of time as a mysterious truth.  What I call as the QUALITY of the time.

    What's your idea?  what factors can affect the quality of the time? what can prolong it or shorten it?  what can increase its speed of going on or slow it down?

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Comment by Darius on Friday

WOW! Thank you Onee- chan 

Yes! that's what I am trying to know. Maybe experiences about what I call it as TIME QUALITY. What you said is one of those feelings that you have experienced directly and you told about SATISFACTION as criteria for evaluating the time. Nice idea! 

Thank you  

Comment by Darius on Friday

Thank you! Janeth 

Thank you for your nice comment and very nice point of view. Yes! you are right physically is the same for all (not just for men) as other basic physical quantities. As you said it's related to our mind and feeling.  Mass is a basic quantity but we feel it as Weight. I am looking for the secret of such feelings. you know it seems there is a translator in our mind and it should translate these quantities to another language for the natural or social life of ours. 

Comment by Onee-chan on Friday

It depends on how we appreciate time. Whether in our good and bad times, if we can deal with it wisely, take everything moderately, of course with the intention to make each time we have memorable and precious, time would seem long with satisfaction (without regret).

Keep writing, Darius! Thank you.

Comment by Janeth on Thursday

Hi Darius!  I really liked your topic! Time is a real mystery...I hope you can find out the answers and ideas you are looking for.

From my point of view, we all have the same time, I mean the same hours, minutes, seconds...but everyone -our mind- perceives it in a different way. That depens on our age, if we are in a state of joy or pain, if we are in a hurry or totally relaxed, if our team is winning or losing....Our emotions and feelings are extremely related to the way we perceive time.  As I said before...a fascinating mystery!

What is for sure is:  "Time is free, but it is priceless, you cannot own it, but you can use it.  You cannot keep it, but you can spend it. Once you have lost it, you can never get it back..."

Thank you for helping us to deepen in this great gift called time!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Comment by Darius on Thursday

Thank you, Samo! 

That's right! for sure time is very important and valuable, that's why I am trying to collect nice ideas about. I am sure at the end we can find out  "  How to manage our feeling about  the TIME QUALITY ". I still need more ideas.

Comment by Samo Yemen on Thursday

Boredom makes it get longer ,or if we are waiting for something to happen eagerly when in the other hand, enjoying our time makes it go  fast er.However,I believe that we should really get the best of our days cause time is really valubale as it is one of the essential factors to achieve our goals. Thanks Darius for your nice blog :) !.

Comment by Darius on Wednesday

Thank you Potatus!  

so you mean the TIME has no Quality.  don't you ??

Do You mean it is going one with independently and nothing can affect it?

Oh, it can be reasonable but what I call it as the quality of time somehow related to the feeling of ours about the time. 

Comment by maximus potato on August 14, 2018 at 19:44

Ya dari, time does not wait anyone wether it is good or bad once it is gone never will come back, time is more value than money, u can get more money, but u can't get more time ..

Btw thnkew for ur nice blog. 

Comment by Darius on August 14, 2018 at 16:34

I read it correctly but I wrote it wrong :D 

Comment by SNR on August 14, 2018 at 11:59

Hey Apache,

Nah nah read it again ya :D obviously time passes with double speed when we enjoy it. I mention if we are waiting ya :p

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