Uh-oh, erm... Expand your Vocab!

I've found this graphic about how to replace the (very often used) word "very" with other words and I thought it could be nice to share it here.

I'm such a philanthropist... 

You're welcome in advance,

have a nice week.

Source: https://7esl.com/words-to-use-instead-of-very/

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Comment by MARY on Saturday

Pepe, stop training your stupidity, you already reached the proficient level (congrats for that)

AG, woah... I'm wordless :P
You're better student than me; I've never taken notes.
I hope also your memory is not as bad as mine and you can remember some of these words.
Thanks for dropping by!

Comment by AG on Thursday
  • distraught
  • luminous
  • swamped
  • vibrant
  • slovenly
  • frail 
  • battered 
  • indolent
  • slack
  • skeletal (it's a nice derivative) 
  • downy
  • destitute 
  • bustling
  • desolate
  • leaden
  • petite
  • ferocious
  • spotless
  • arid
  • ashen
  • compelling
  • petrified
  • grave (first time to know it can be an adj with this meaning)
  • parched 
  • constricting
  • sage
  • distressed (usually I use "stressed")
  • blustery (good derivative) 

very interesting new vocabularies for me :) 

thanks, Mary :) 

Comment by Pepe on Thursday

Hey Mary, Mary...Do not make me crazy....Do not copy paste the lessons from youtube....If not, I deprive  you of  having a  husband....

Comment by Roman on Thursday

Roman's list of things that he would like to do:

- To play the role of Joy in the serial "Friends"

- To go back in time and replace the judging eyes' button "¬¬" on Spanish keyboards with an another unnecessary button from Ukrainian keyboards.

Comment by MARY on Wednesday

@Roman, ¬¬

Pau, thanks! ^_^
How nice of you to help Roman with his nonsense... I can imagine now how can be Roman after learning so many vocab:

@Estanis, educate your spanish butt and use the list I share here:
Very good = Excellent :P

Comment by Roman on Wednesday


Hi Paula! :)

I couldn't imagine that there are SO MANY ways of expressing the same things.

I am going to remember all those words, but I will add this blog to the bookmarks for sure! 

Thank you! :)

Comment by Estanis on Wednesday

Very very good!!

Comment by ❀❤•❀Paula✿.•❤øº on Wednesday

Roman....here are some words to use possibly.....and if you need extra....the word extreme or extremely works well..... such as extremely stubborn....LOL  I hope this helps you!!!!

very stubborn - mulish · headstrong · willful · strong-willed · self-willed · pigheaded · bull-headed · obdurate · awkward · difficult · contrary · perverse · recalcitrant .  

very naughty - disobedient · unruly · wayward · errant · badly behaved · disorderly · undisciplined · delinquent · troublesome · rebellious · defiant · mutinous · recalcitrant · refractory · uncooperative · noncompliant · willful · unbiddable · intractable · ungovernable · unmanageable · uncontrollable · obstreperous · awkward · difficult · perverse · contrary · naughty · mischievous · impish · roguish · rascally · bolshie · contumacious

Procrastinate - stall · temporize · play for time · play a waiting game · dally · drag one's feet/heels · take one's time · hesitate · vacillate · dither · be indecisive · be undecided · waver · haver · hum and haw · swither · dilly-dally · shilly-shally · kick the can down the road

Drama - Drama Queen.  She/He is an extreme Drama Queen and of course there are other words  also, like horrible/horribly, terrible/terribly....and such...many ways to say it.

Judgmental - critical · fault-finding · censorious · condemnatory · disapproving · disparaging · deprecating · negative · overcritical · hypercritical · scathing · pass-remarkable

Comment by ❀❤•❀Paula✿.•❤øº on Wednesday

Mary this is great......good job girl!!!!

Comment by Roman on Wednesday

Hi, Mary!

Thank you very much!

But still I lack some words to describe one person here. Such words as: very stubborn, very naughty very procrastinating and very lovingtomakeadrama. Ah and of course: very lookingateveryonewiththosejudgingeyes. :P

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