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Every person can be summarized in a couple of significant characteristics. You may remember your daughter by visualizing a scene in which she is shouting! Your teacher might be remembered by a frowning face by the blackboard. Your daughter could always bring a smiling face in your mind when you think of her.

Even things can be the same. You may remember your room through a picture in which a window towards a green scenery is highlighted. Your college could be remembered by its beautiful flowers.

Let's just think of the good points and characteristics. I guess almost everyone has a hero, let it be a real person or an imaginary one. When you think of your hero, you can name some of the most significant characteristics of him/her. Can you bring your hero's picture in mind and tell us what and who you see?

My hero is a very energetic girl, with a happy face. She is writing something on a piece of paper. She's a creative writer. She lives in a plain house, near a river surrounded by green trees. She is not still; jumping, singing and playing. Yet, at times, she is so thoughtful and contemplates on the world and all creatures presented by God. I guess this is the time she feels inspired to write.

Wait! Let me see! She is somewhat almost me there in my mind. Just a little bit change I -here in reality- need to turn to that hero in my mind!


Now your turn.



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Comment by Zahra on April 16, 2013 at 16:15

My dear inspiring friend and teacher, Tara,

Thanks a million for taking some time to read my post and leave such an encouraging comment.

It is always one of my hopes to do as you said; that would be a joyous time, and sure will result in a piece of writing in which there would be beautifully dancing happy words.

Thanks and have a beautiful time.



PS- You are always a hero in my life. Your encouraging and inspiring words always make me feel confident to continue on the path of writing.

Comment by Zahra on April 16, 2013 at 16:06

My lovely friend, Nafis,

Thanks a lot for commenting here; it made my day.

I really admire your choice. Your comment implies that you have a very kind heart and generous soul. God bless you and help you reach your precious goals.



Comment by Zahra on April 16, 2013 at 16:01

Dear Sahar,

Thanks so much for your precious comment.

Very valuable words. Yes! Such a person is truly called a hero. You've chosen a good one.

Thanks and have a great time.


Comment by Tara Benwell on April 12, 2013 at 19:00

Lovely writing! I'm so glad the One Sentence challenge inspired this post! As you know, I always enjoy reading your reflections on life. I hope that one day we can sit under a tree and write together. :)

Comment by Nafis on April 12, 2013 at 0:32

nice blog Zahra and I'm so glad your hero is you. This is so true and very important. As you said, no one needs a hero rather than himself or herself. However, I still have to work on myself to accept myself as my own hero. I think I haven't got to this point so I still have hero outside of me. My hero is mother Theresa. I admire her because she was kind, thoughtful, caring and helped poor people without expecting anything in return. Her possessions was her rich heart and nothing more and she lived a very complete, fulfilling life as well as having peace of mind. To me, she is a hero.

Comment by Sahar on April 11, 2013 at 7:51

What a lovely pen!
Well done, dear!
You are a real hero :)
My hero is one who always tries to be happy in spite of all problems and tries to make others happy too. S/he doesn't have any expectation from others and just is doing his/her best which makes him/her a unique one.

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